About Us

We are a dynamic and service-oriented applications development company built on strong foundations of software development. Infixus Tech is driven by the quest for innovation, passion for continuous improvement, commitment to high levels of excellence and providing solutions to daily technical problems. We offer a spectrum of software applications development solutions; comprising of enterprise applications, desktop applications, mobile applications and web applications that helps your business to stay competitive and create endlessly new possibilities.

Our Mission

“To provide solutions to the fifth generation in information technology, software development and computerization with the highest sense of professionalism and integrity whilst upholding the societal values, and giving an ear to the needs of the community in deliverying the best in Information technology and computer systems.”

Our Vision

“To be the leading champions with the creative minds that lives in the future for a better, brilliant and powerful generation of technology, software development and computerization with a highest degree of professionalism and integrity to all, as well as working to increase shareholders' wealth to a multi-billion within a decade.”

Our Plan

To develop a system that is able to relieve the human effort and work to reduce mistakes and errors done by the human beings, through a team that is dedicated to excellency and complexity of things from the tender age to the elderly. Increase the pace at which things have been accepted and reaching to the people in our region."


Within ourselves we seemlessly develop, modify, integrate, test, deploy and maintain a spectrum of software applications which includes:

Custom Software Applications

We are the engineers of tailor-made software solutions which addresses your needs. We also design, develop, test and maintain a spectrum of custom software application for complex desktop, mobile, and web applications and services.

Enterprise Applications

We are the architects of enterprise software applications that enhances business efficiency and productivity through automation of daily tasks from sales, data storage to business intelligence and analytics.

Web Development

We assist businesses become visible and reach a wider audience by offering unbeatable web hosting plans for your business. We are also developers of user-friendly websites and web applications that enhances user interaction and productivity.

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Harare, Zimbabwe